Happy Hour

Being a hard-working (!) PhD student, you have to look forward to the social event of the week, happy hour. I know it sounds bad: lots of mathmos drinking beer in the maths department. But, it’s actually surprisingly social. And the drinks are cheap. And nice, since I choose them.

Now, I love beer and I’m not a cider fan. I’m not a cider-drinker fan either. So, when people requested some cider on the happy hour menu, I got a bit annoyed. Anyway, I know I said I don’t like people that choose cider over beer, but sometimes you have to accept your friends with their flaws, and that’s what I’ve done with my French friend who has been introduced to the concept of pubs but still can’t get her head round beer. Weird.

Her favourite is Henney’s Frome Valley cider. Since it has been available at happy hour, it’s one of the most popular drinks. It comes from Frome in Herefordshire. You can get sweet, medium or dry. I’ve only tried the dry one, and it’s awesome. At first it tastes like apple juice, fruity and sweet, but the aftertaste is crisp and dry. In Paul’s words (see picture): It’s GOOD. And he isn’t a cider drinker either.

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  1. Bryn · May 16, 2009

    Your blog offered me the chance to ‘Be the first!’ follower. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


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