What I like about Minneapolis

Well, this is going to be a hard one. My initial idea for this title was the offensive but accurate “Minneapolis is rubbish” but to be honest I didn’t have such a bad time, even if it was because I was with fun people and I was quite busy with maths. So, I decided to stop moaning, and write about the good things. I will number them as well, because then it will feel more of an achievement every time I manage to come up with one extra thing. There it goes:

1) Sky walks: It’s 6.30 in the morning and you are on your way to the conference centre, for 10 hours of talks. It’s cold and you’re tired (jet lags only happen when you go East as far as I’m concerned) and the last thing you want to do is get out of the hotel. Worry not:

You don’t have to.

2) Hell’s Kitchen: They make something called sausage bread with the texture of a really moist cake and the taste of heaven (oh, the irony). And they serve it with something that I can only hope is whipped butter rather than whipped cream. If someone can confirm that it is actually butter, my respect for Minneapolis will increase by about 450%.

And, if you order a sandwich, you can expect your bread to have been buttered to death and then fried. Don’t get me started on the portions. This one is a big hit apparently, with loads of cheese, ham and poached pears. It was yummy.

Finally, they claim that they make the best peanut butter in the world. They might be right.

3) Joe’s Garage: Yes, more food, but this is a food blog and I am starting to struggle for ideas. Joe’s garage looked pretty terrifying from the outside but, once on the inside, we were served juicy and tasty burgers by someone (presumably called Joe) who seemed friendly and competent. He memorised our order (although we all had different toppings and sides on our burgers) and only made one mistake.

4) The twin city of St Paul: Ok, not strictly in Minneapolis but if you’re looking for some type of sightseeing, you can have a look at the only two interesting buildings we managed to spot in the two cities:

The Cathedral

and The Capitol

It is advisable that you avoid looking at the ceiling or wall paintings if you have a sensitive stomach or any sense of style.

5) Hard-working people: The lady that gave us an amusing tour of The Capitol – highlight was her using the word sophisticated to describe the decoration of this:

also turned out to be working at the cloakroom in the conference hall. Coincidence? Maybe there are actually only 3 people living in Minneapolis after all, which could well explain the empty streets.

All in all, you wouldn’t go to Minneapolis out of choice, but if you find yourself having to, pick a good restaurant. They do exist, but they might be hiding away in a basement.


  1. kat · December 1, 2009

    I really love living in Minneapolis. I even made a choice to move here from San Francisco. Sorry our Cathedral & Capitol aren't up to you “tastes.” We have amazing restaurants with James Beard nominated & winning chefs & they aren't hidden they are everywhere. We have wonderful museums, great parks, great neighborhoods & a wonderful quality of life. We have as much theater per capita as New York City. We are one of the most literate cities in the country. Sorry to go on & on but this type of post bashing a place I'm really proud to live just made me a little mad.


  2. Ino · December 1, 2009

    I actually said I enjoyed the Cathedral, the Capitol (not the interior decoration admittedly but everyone is entitled to an opinion!) and the food was great too! And not sure why you're mentioning that it is one of the most literate cities, I never said the opposite. In fact, I mentioned I went there for a conference and I am aware of a lot of good research that goes on there.

    Wasn't meant to be an offensive post anyway!


  3. kat · December 1, 2009

    I was just trying to state some of the good points of the city that's all. You are entitled to you opinion but I'm also entitled to stick up for something I feel was unfairly put down.


  4. Richard Pollock · January 17, 2010

    Contrary to what kat says, I can confirm that Minneapolis is indeed shit.


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