New Year, New Plan

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I don’t like failing. But I am also extremely lazy and I like to have some targets. I never really manage to finish things on time, but setting myself a deadline actually gets me to do far more than what I would do without it. This is the plan here:

Round The World in 100 Recipes

Pick 10 countries.

Now pick 10 different recipes from each country.

I am going to cook and blog about all of them. In 2010.

There will be some countries I am quite familiar with (Greece, England, France) and some others I haven’t got a clue about (Thailand, China, even Spain really). In any case, the plan is to pick recipes I haven’t really made before and try to learn more about each country’s culinary traditions. I might need to buy some books in the process so if you have any recommendations please do comment! And any advice is most welcome.

I think I am decided on 9 of the countries and might pick something quite obscure for the last one just to challenge myself a bit more! It will be approximately a month on each country, giving me 2 free months to overrun or just get a break!

And to start with, I’ve picked Greece.

Not a shocking choice! Well, I do need to use all the meat and cheese and honey I’ve brought back from my Christmas holiday. I promise I won’t cheat; my first dish is going to be something I’ve never made before!


  1. Jolita · January 13, 2010

    A really great idea!!! Wish you good luck and patience with your recipes! When it comes to cookery books I always open Jamie Oliver books which always promise a good flavour. As you are focusing on world cuisine, why don't you look at Gordon Ramsay World kitchen where he introduces really delicious recipes.


  2. Ino · January 13, 2010

    Hey, thanks for the advice! I am very excited about the whole thing and hopefully I'll get to do some interesting and tasty dishes. Jamie is always quite good, I've got his Italian book and I think I might buy the American one too.


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