Yoghurt pots

I haven’t blogged in a month.

It’s been pretty busy, and I’ve been eating simple food and not really taking pictures of it. Oh, and I’ve been eating yoghurt.

I was asked by the nice people at Total whether I’d like to sample their new split pots – they are basically pots with 0% fat yoghurt and a little bit of fruit compote (strawberry, blueberry or tropical fruits) or honey on the side. I do like Total yoghurt and a bit of healthy food was welcome since I haven’t had the most balanced diet so far in 2011 – highlight of January was when I did #Meateasy and Hawksmoor in 24 hours, but that’s a different story.

About the yoghurts – in short, I like them. A lot. They are thick and creamy and, while the compote is a bit sickly sweet by itself, when mixed with the sour yoghurt it works really well. There’s bits of fruit in there and everything. They’ve been an excellent afternoon (or evening) snack while I’ve been spending most of my day in the office. Strawberry is my favourite I think.

If you compare them to their obvious competitors, they definitely come out on top. The yoghurt texture is great and you almost forget there is no fat in it. Very different to the runny, thin fat-free yoghurts you normally find. That’s the beauty of Greek yoghurt.

As a disclaimer, I was sent the pots for free, but I wasn’t asked to write anything. I do like them though and I’ll be buying some myself.

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